BABY FOOD organic
from 4 to 8 months

Canned Organic Legumes peeled tomatoes
chickpeas, lentils, beans: cannellini, white, red, borlotti

Canned vegetables - Artichoke- legumes - olives
vegetable in Brine-turnesol oil - vinagre

Canned whole peeled tomatoes

Fresh Sturgeon CAVIAR


chocolate snack Gluten free
in 3 flavors

Chopped - Crushed Tomatoes
100% Italian tomatoes

Classic Italian Pasta

Croissants VEGANO for Coffe Shop
fozen patisserie -20°

DARK CHOCOLATE VEGAN-organic -Gluten free
40 gr. bars Nuts-Hemp-Almond,Sun flowers-Rice-Cranberry

dehydrated white truffles
White and blacks cold dehydrated

Dietetic pasta
(suitable for low calories & diabetics diet)

Dietetic Pasta - Vegan OK
hypoglycemic index

Entry Level Vines
White, Red and Sparkling Wines

Exotic Honey
Honey from Madagascar

Exotic Honey
HONEY from Madagascar

Food pasta
Dried pasta made ​​from durum wheat semolina

Freeze Dried Aromatic herbs & vegetables

Frozen Burrata & Cow & Buffalo Mozzarella
soft cheese

Frozen Rice balls
Rice dumplings stuffed with meat & vegetables

Frozen Sicilian Style Cassate & Cannoli
Frozen pastry Ricotta filled

Gluten Free Dry Pasta
15 different sizes & Baby food

Gluten Free Pasta
Long, short, Filled Pasta

Gluten free Pasta Filled
Ravioli, Tortellini, Tortelloni, Tortelli


hard cheese 100% VEGAN
Vegan cheese taste similar to PARMESAN

Homemade and flavored pasta
Pasta with wheat germ

IQF Frozen Buffalo & Cow Mozzarella & Burrata
storage at -18 ° for 12 months shelf life

Iranian caviar Beluga (Huso Huso)
The Caviar more RARE and EXPENSIVE

Iranian Saffron

Italian Rice 1kg -25 kg
Carnaroli, Arborio, Roma


Molecular Kitchen
for gastronomy, cocktail bars, pastry

Olives glass jars

Organic Basil Pesto Sauce -
Organic basil sauce

Organic COFFEE
roasted by craftsmen

Organic Cold Cuts
NO additives, gluten, allergens, milk and milk products

Organic Cold Cuts
NO additives, gluten, allergens, milk and milk products

Organic extra virgin olive oil-
100% Italian Organic Olive Oil

Italian Style Gorgonzola Cheese Organic

Seasoned Organic Cheese

Organic PASTA
ORGANIC pasta + small sizes for Baby


ORGANIC Tomato puree and tomato sauces

ORGANIC Tomato puree and tomato sauces

ORGANIC Tomato puree and tomato sauces
Ready sauces Tomato

Organic wines
Organic Sicilian Wines

Organic-VEGAN-Gluten Free Seasonings
Sauces & seasonings for special diets

Parmigiano Reggiano & Grana Padano

Parmigiano Reggiano Extra

Piedmont Wines
table wines entry level

RAW HAM Prosciutto di Parma - San Daniele - Jamòn Iberico Bellota

Rice for babies according to EEC standards
arsenic max 0.1 mg / kg

Rice for infants and up to 3 years-arsenic less than 0.10mg / kg
with specifications that comply with EEC standards

Sauces & Condiments Typical Italian
All natura, no preservatives, no dyes or chemical additives

Semi-finished pastries & biscuits

Sicilian Cassate & Cannoli

Smoked Fish
Beluga Sturgeon - Botargo - Grouper - Scottish Salmon - Red Tuna

soft cheese
Frozen Mozzarella Burrata

Spanish Bellota Ham
Seasoned 30 months and 24 months

The Authentic PESTO of GENOA

Truffle products
without artificial flavours

Tuna in Olive Oil in 4.2kg jars

Tuscan Cured meat

Tuscan Pecorino (sheep) Cheese

Tuscan wines

14 delicious tastes

VEGAN Organic-CUBES bouillons-
Cubes Organic, Gluten free, vegan OK

Vegetables in jars & cans no preservatives
retail & Food service

Veneto Wines

White Italian Truffles
Fresh & dehydrated